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Monday, March 22, 2010

Japanese Lesson

An employee at a business firm gets to travel to Japan to meet executives from the company’s foreign branch. He’s single and is really excited to hook up with some beautiful Asians. He goes to the meeting and listens to a linguist who translates all their words for him. After the meeting he goes out and hooks up with a lovely young lady. Things go very well and he ends up going to her place that night.

They dim the lights and do the deed. The whole time she’s moaning and shouting: "Fuka ana!" She seems really into it so he goes all out giving it to her all night long.

The next day he goes to a golf game with the Japanese executives. He makes a very nice chip shot then decides he’s going to try to impress the executives. He shouts: "Fuka ana!"

The linguist then turns to him and says: "No that’s the right hole."

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